Bootcamp Mentoring


Do you want to Mentor?

We are seeking passionate mentors who are willing to offer their expertise to budding, healthtech entrepreneurs. Specifically, we are looking for professionals in the medical, biomedical, engineering, technology, and business industries. Mentors would act as guides who will advise entrepreneurs on topics such as: how to pitch your idea, customer development, market research, regulatory standards, business strategy, costs vs. revenues, intellectual property, and many others. Basically, we will tap into skills you already have to make the teams successful.

As a mentor, there are two options for your participation: on-site or on-call. An on-site mentor provides face-to-face mentoring with participants of the 3-day weekend event during a specific two hour block. An on-call mentor would make themselves available via phone during a specific 2 hour block during the weekend. No preparation would be necessary for either role.

Interested in volunteering as a mentor? Please email Cynthia Phelps at, or call 713-478-4018.