March 6, 2014 Event Recap

The Focus is on You! Networking Lunch, March 6, 2014
Nearly 80 people participated in this unique and high-energy event, combining open networking with two shorts bursts of structured roundtable discussion.
Each table selected a question from a short list and then shared thoughts and experiences. Ideas were jotted down so we could post the combined results and feel the pulse of the group. We broke for refreshments and unstructured time, and then repeated the exercise. Table-shifting was encouraged, but many enjoyed the table talk enough that they chose to stay and work another question with the same group!
Notes were collected and consolidated. With solid attendance, good representation across the industry, and enthusiastic participation, here’s what resulted:

1. If you were starting a company today, what attributes would be essential for C-level hires?

Specific attributes:
Emotional intelligence
Communication skills
Understanding of all job functions
Team player
Ability to prioritize

Hiring philosophies:
Hire for culture and teach skills
Leaders should know themselves, find their areas strengths, and delegate or outsource the rest.
Match the top criteria with the job:
For CFO – education
For COO – experience
For CEO – managerial style

2. What is your #1 business or career goal for 2014, and what factors, internal or external, do you need in order to reach it?

External relationships:
Meet people and convey the value in what we do
Maintain regular client contact
Build and maintain strong relationships

Internal processes:
Grow our employee base
Increase the number of nurses on staff to increase patient care and satisfaction
Create process efficiency, to capture more profit from existing revenues

Regulatory and Market:
Healthcare reform
Regulation reform in general
Stability in the legislative realm
Simplified insurance reimbursement
Early focus on regulatory changes to be able to adapt


Need to complete clinical trials, but some are being conducted in a part of the world that was an ideal environment when we started but has suddenly become politically unstable!

Be diligent with time
Be proactive

Upgrade to newer technology
Work with physicians to discover a better way to screen for lung cancer

Business Big Picture:

Get FDA approval and raise $4 million!
Invest in ourselves to become the leader in our market niche

3. What has been your most valuable career lesson in the last 2 years?

Be flexible in adopting to new industry conditions
Survive forced budget cuts and even use it as an opportunity to make needed changes
Diversify. Diversify. Diversify.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more
Hire the right people
Build relationships unconditionally

Set the stage for success:

The environment in which you work matters, and an isolated home office may not the best

Make up your mind and go for it

Be true to yourself:

Maintain your moral convictions through the hard times. Meditate if necessary!

4. What do people in your organization need to know in order to contribute to overall success? What do you wish your employees knew, and what do you wish someone had taught you?
Teams need to share the same picture of the goal
Open communication is vital
Communications through and across teams, with all kinds of people, is essential

Diversity and Team Building:
Organizations need a diversity of types of people
Leaders and colleagues need to know more about each other
Personality tests could be useful for team building

5. What could happen at The Health Cell that would enrich your career?

Event logistics:

Keep the focus on great networking
Make more use of the format of speaker panels

Members and Member benefits:

Provide a member directory and resource inventory
Keep diversity among members
Add a committee focused on clinicians and clinical affairs
Offer a mentorship program
Spotlight members: maybe pick two per month and allow 5 minutes each
Introduce those who have joined each month

Speaker and topic suggestions:
Regulatory, reimbursement, clinical, intellectual property issues for the non-attorney, lessons learned getting products to market, large company CEO or COO, personal stories of leadership

Increase influence:

Be the center of collaboration, a hub for healthcare in the region.