Opportunity to Present

Opportunity to Present

Event: 2016 State of the Industry
Host: The Health Cell, www.thehealthcell.org
Event date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Westin Riverwalk Hotel, San Antonio
Deadline for submissions: Monday, October 19, 2015

DO YOU HAVE A GREAT HEALTHCARE OR BIOSCIENCE STORY TO TELL? The Health Cell, San Antonio’s premier networking and leadership development organization for professionals in healthcare and bioscience, is calling for nominations for presenters for its keystone annual event. The State of the Industry is a once-a-year opportunity to bring your work, research, product or company into the spotlight for a broad audience of regional leaders. This is the second year for this format, and it was so well received that it is again expected to attract an audience of 400 local healthcare and business leaders of the highest caliber.

THE FOCUS IS ON THE STORIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO DRIVE THE INDUSTRY IN THE SAN ANTONIO REGION. State of the Industry will feature a rich diversity, painting a vivid picture of the industry today and in the future. Five fascinating people will be selected to tell their stories. They will represent large and small organizations, the well-known and the yet-to-be-discovered, events that are significant today, and those with the potential for great impact in the future.

CAPTIVATING STORIES CONVEY THE STRUGGLES, THE SUCCESS, AND THE JOURNEY BETWEEN THEM. They’ll take the viewer inside the offices and the minds of people who lived them. Successful submissions will reveal who had the vision, who offered support, what assets were critical to success, what changed along the way, and who and what are affected by the outcome.

Guidance and logistics:

  1. The event is a celebration of the healthcare and bioscience community. It is not an awards ceremony, so stories will be selected based on their ability to convey, as part of a group of stories, what San Antonio’s healthcare and bioscience industry achieved in 2015. There should be a clear reason why 2015 is the best year to tell the story. Stories should be based on events that occurred during the current year, initiatives that began this year, or projects that achieved a significant milestone this year.
  2. A true reflection of the diversity of the industry is the goal. Therefore, submissions are encouraged from all facets: medicine, R&D, healthcare delivery, military medicine, biotech, medical devices, academia, industry, public sector, non-profit and others.
  3. YOU’LL HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT ALL TO YOURSELF. The format is a scripted live presentation, with a small number of photographs and other visuals used to support each story. Attendees will expect an intimate evening featuring up-close, first-hand accounts of fascinating people, so the people should outshine the slides!
  4. It’s fast-paced. Each story will be allotted approximately 8 minutes. Individual presenters are envisioned, but proposals from teams of two will be considered. It’s a unique event, but good inspiration can be taken from events like pitch competitions, TED Talks, mock investor meetings, and Three Minute Thesis events.
  5. WE WANT PRESENTERS TO SHINE, so we’ll provide support to presenters with things like guidance on audience compositions and interest, help with script edits, photo selection, informal speech coaching, etc.
  6. Submission of a story implies a commitment to present at the event on Feb. 10, 2016, if selected, so each submission should consider who will tell the story. Stories will be most compelling, and thus most likely to be selected, when told first-hand.
  7. NOTE: Representatives of the Health Cell may contact any submitter to ask for clarification or additional information in order to ensure the selection and presentation are is in the best interest of its members. Presenters will be asked to sign an agreement allowing the Health Cell to use, as it sees fit, the materials, information and photos supplied, as well as recordings, photos and transcripts made at the event. Protected information should not be submitted, as Health Cell will take reasonable steps but will not be responsible for special safeguards. An independent panel of local judges will make the selections. Decisions of the judges are final.