The Health Cell, where San Antonio's healthcare leaders meet.

The Health Cell’s Mission:

The Health Cell will leverage the collaborative spirit of San Antonio’s health and bioscience industry to engage, through unique personal and professional growth, the people who will propel the community toward maximum sector success.

Membership: Your Presence is Your Pledge!

The Health Cell was formed by and for San Antonio’s biotechnology, medical, military and academic leadership to promote professional development and collaboration across the City’s health sector.

People come to The Health Cell because of other people. At events, the diversity of the talent, the breadth of the experience, and the extent of the network is impressive and effective. Without each individual, something’s missing. The single most important ingredient in the success of this endeavor is your presence.

So your presence is what is valued, measured, counted as your pledge of support. The Health Cell charges no dues. Instead, the asset that will secure your place is you, your valuable time, the pleasure of your company, the power of your knowledge and experience.

The Health Cell is an open, welcoming, dynamic organization for a leading industry in a city on the rise.


Our membership plan is unique. You are The Health Cell’s most important asset.
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Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate support of healthcare leadership. Get more info by calling the Health Cell at 210-323-3835.